Saturday, March 27, 2021

Economic Development is the Answer to Hispanic Prosperity

Hispanic Economic Development

Instead of focusing on race or entitlement we to focus on economic development of our Community. What's hurting our people is lack of economic opportunities and the lack of education. What are we doing that's different or better yet what are not doing? Our Hispanic Community is hurting and I'm aware we have social issues that needs to be addressed but by demonizing White and Black people isn't the answer it's counterproductive and we can only blame ourselves for our own failures and our failure is not getting an education, studying is important and it should be priority #1 more then having a good time or partying. We need to save money, invest in our children, our families and our Communities. We need to keep the money in our community not taking it out and work together with each other in order to make our community grow. You make the community grow by investing in the people and the people gain the tools and methods to better themselves but it can be done by caring about our people if you don't care for your own people how do we expect others to care for our own or to be taken seriously. Think about it before you buy the six pack of beer, pack of cigarettes or blunts or on things we don't need think how will it benefit our children? Our community? Ourselves? Think before you waste your dollar on useless things you don't need.

Friday, February 19, 2021

My Experience with the Jewish Community of Los Angeles

 My Experience with the Jewish Community of Los Angeles 

Enrique Sanchez 

February 19, 2021 - Jewish Year 5781 

My name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez Belfort Bennet, my Hebrew Name is Yaacob Ben Yosef, I Am Puerto Rican/Guatemalan of Sephardic Jewish Heritage, Like many Hispanic Jews I didn't grow up in an Observant home, I was circumcised on the eighth day and I did learn the Bible and the Commandments as a child I never went to Synagogue nor did I live near a Jewish Community. I didn't get exposed to a Jewish Community or Jewish People until I was in my College years, when I moved back to California in 2010 I was looking for a sense of community a sense of belonging. 

I got acquittanced through a Conservative/Masorti Synagogue where I was a part of for two years and then I moved out of the area to another suburb where there was no community but there was one Synagogue which was Reform I was there for a year but I didn't feel there was any spirituality it was more of a Country Club for rich people so I left. I became a Baal Teshuvah and became an "Observant Jew". I started wearing a Kippah at all times, Tzittzit and kept Kosher and Shabbat. 

I found a Persian Community where I was a part of for many years I would go out of my to get there because there was no other way for me to attend Services, I would pray and read Torah at home, don Teffilin and pray there times a day but would go to Synagogue on Shabbat I would pray, study and fellowship with other Jews. The first few years were beautiful because I finally found my place I felt I found a community, I had made friends was active and took part of Minyans and was called to the Bimah to read from the Torah I was even considering in becoming a Rabbi. 

Fast forward to 2015 I went through some personal things in my life and in 2016 I had lost my faith but I still considered myself Jewish and Observant but I felt it wasn't the same anymore I felt out of place, I didn't feel welcomed as before and I felt that I was constantly being watched by people in different Synagogues I would visit, I had many people treat me badly, many judged me they would integrate me and ask me too many personal questions if I was Jewish and even with documentation and people that knew me that I was Jewish many people doubted my Jewishness, simply because I was Hispanic, Sephardic, Poor and Olive Complexed. 

The final straw came in June 2019 in Tarzana, I was in the lobby of this Synagogue reading the Siddur and this Rabbi who never seen me before came up to me and my mother and asked me who were, why we were there and he told us to leave he was very aggressive, rude and disrespectful he made some excuse that someone vandalized the Mezuzah at the entrance which was a huge one made out of silver, I said to the Rabbi that had nothing to do with us we weren't there but he was very unethical, unprofessional and not having Emunah I was very offended by his behavior and I decided to leave with my mother. 

After Shabbat during the week I contacted the Beit Din of Los Angeles I made a formal complaint and reported the Rabbi for his racist and discriminatory behavior towards my character, they took the information put in on record and they told me they would contact that Rabbi in Tarzana to resolve the dispute among the Dayan it never happened. The following day I called the Synagogue and spoke with the secretary and the secretary put me through the board of directors I spoke with the director for about an hour I told her how I felt and I said I had contacted the Beit Din and made a compliant against the Rabbi in question for his behavior, I told her I demand a formal apology from the Rabbi and if I get the apology within a timeframe I would accept it and move on and not bother them again, however if the Rabbi refused to make an apology to me and my mother we were prepared to look into taking legal action against the Rabbi and Synagogue for Racial Discrimination. 

The Director was very apologetic and she said there may have been a misunderstanding and that the Rabbi meant no disrespect or harm to us and I said regardless of how he viewed us there are protocol in dealing with visitors and Rabbi is suppose to welcome visitors even if they don't like them its not his job to harass people let alone be rude to them I said the Rabbi needs to be retrained on proper etiquette and manners. Nothing came of the complaint nothing was done and the Rabbi never contacted me to make an apology. I couldn't deal with it anymore one thing is congregants not being friendly or welcoming but for a Rabbi to behave in that matter the way he did was unforgivable and disgusting I went off the derech and I never went to Synagogue again. I got tired of the racism, discrimination, xenophobia, elitism, materailsim and ungodliness among the Jewish Community in Los Angeles, they have forgotten about Hashem, Torah, Emunah, Misvot and Tikkun Olam which are the fundamental doctrines of Judaism its like American Jews have made Judaism into an Elitist Social Club that you have to be born into or be rich and they are not inclusive but exclusive, unfortunately because of that negative attitude they have towards not of their social status is why Anti-Semitism is out of control. Hispanic Jews get abused, expolited, humilated and ridiculed by the Jewish Community because we are seen as either Converts or Phonies that want to be Jewish and its disgusting and its immoral Spanish Jews have a 800 year history that's very rich in culture, customs and traditions unfortunately because Spanish/Hispanic Jews lack econmonic power we also lack political power and prominent people think they can get away with abusing Hispanic Jews and conitnue to get away with it. 


Friday, January 8, 2021

Spanish United: Statement of Principles

Spanish United 

Statement of Principles

1. Spanish United is a Non Political, Non Sectarian, Secular Organization. We are a 100% Hispanic run movement whose leadership adheres to the vision of S.U. whose sole purpose is the advancement of Hispanic People in the U.S. and Abroad. 

2. Spanish United members are to adhere to the values and rules of S.U. no S.U. member is to disrespect or put down another S.U. member for any reason we are all equals. Nobody is above anyone. 

3. No Spanish United members are to use drugs, alcohol, tobacco or use profanity we are to be an example to other S.U. members and to the Hispanic Community that we are an alternative to other organizations before us that has failed an entire generation and have lost many to gang violence, drugs and alcohol. 

4. Spanish United members must swear alliagnce to Spanish United and to the Hispanic Community. We cannot be part of other movements or organizations that go against our interests; I;e gangs, hate groups or anarchist groups it will not be tolerated. 

5. Spanish United is a peaceful organization that uses the law and due process to get our voices heard and we do that by writing and signing petitions, boycotting businesses, individuals that demonize Hispanic people and report employers and companies that exploit Hispanics. Violence of any kind will not be permitted, anyone that does will be banned and reported to law enforcement so don't even think about it.

6. Spanish United members are responsible in recruiting and training people in creating chapters in their respective areas, cities, states, countries etc and individual directors will be appointed to lead the chapters to help the community in food, housing, medicine, building pantries and providing services and resources. 

7. Spanish United also is to represent Hispanics in civil rights cases by advocating for social justice and referring attorneys to Hispanics if they can't afford one, we aren't allowed to give legal advice but we can be a referral to anyone that needs legal help. 

8. Spanish United is also to help Hispanics by uplighting one another and to give a hand when your brother or sister is in need. We are also to give counseling and if need be referred one to a mental health professional if their problem is severe for S.U. to resolve. 

9. Spanish United members are encouraged to eat clean and healthy diets and to take care of their bodies, in order to have a strong community we also have to be healthy physically and what we put in our bodies should be to nourish us not damage us from the inside. If people want to lead healthy productive lives you know where to go for help in eating right. 

10. Spanish United is an inclusive group we have people of all races, colors, creeds, economic status etc. There is not to be any emphasis on race, Euro Latino, Afro Latino, Indigenous Latino, Asian Latino etc we represent the united nations as one people. One Culture, One Language, One Identity. Do not elevate one Nationality or Race over another we are about unity not division.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Latin America & Eastern Europe


What can Latin America learn from Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe; when people think of Eastern Europe images of the Soviet Union's satellite nations after WW2, Communist Bloc, Iron Curtain etc. But what Eastern Europe comes to mind is industrialisation, compulsory education and vocational training for it's people. Regardless of what part of the political spectrum you are one thing for certain is Eastern Europe and Eastern Europeans are far more educated than Latin Americans and they have an advantage because they are educated or have skilled labor. 

Latin Americans need to study different models for development and see how they can implement it to it's people because compared to other regions of the world Latin America still lags behind second only to Sub-Saharan Africa. Eastern Europe is what's also called the Second World which is between First and Third World and there is a lot to be learned from Eastern Europe. Latin Americans can look at the system and see their strength and weaknesses and correct past mistakes and follow in areas where they have succeed Latin America can reach the same level of education, skills and development as Eastern Europe but it won't happen overnight it takes discipline, dedication and most of all ambition to become developed and industrialized. 

The failures of the American system and the cronyism of the Elitists in Latin America has created more income Inequality and no improvements in living standards, wages or education and it's hurting the people more than anything it's a trend that Latin America cannot continue because it will lead to instability and social unrest and that can lead to either Communism or Fascism. 

The only way Hispanics can be self-sufficient and self-reliant is through financial independence and through education and vocational training in order to get the skills they need to compete in the job market and to tap into the economic grid that's our way to having a better future for our people.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bitcoin: Currency of the future or a gateway to destruction?

Bitcoin: Decentralized Digital Currency of the future, is it sustainable? 

There is a lot of conversation about becoming a cashless society, technology has evolved so much in the last 40 years that there are about replacing cash with digital currency Bitcon. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is used as a form of payment which is the same as cash but is also an asset that people use to invest and sell and accumulate wealth. For many Fiscally Libertarians this is a dream come true because it eliminates the banks which functions as a third party between people, Bitcoin isn't regulated by any government entity and people can keep whatever profit they receive from transactions. There are pros and cons, the pros are people can maximize profits, buying and selling in high amounts and 100% autonomy meaning the person cannot be traced, the cons, since it cannot be traced you don't know whom you're dealing with, there is no regulation and if you lose money FDIC doesn't apply because Bitcoin isn't covered under the FDIC rules. 

Bitcoin is violate meaning it can go up or down at any given time so it isn't a 100% stable, is it sustainable? If our society becomes completely cashless we aren't protected by laws that are meant to protect people from financial crimes or from money laundering, fraud, grand larceny and Ponzi schemes because there is no monitary oversight. I believe Bitcoin can used as another source of payment and assets but not as unregulated system there needs to be regulation and taxes and oversight because when there is no accountability it opens a doorway to the criminal underworld whom the majority are Bitcoin users especially on the Dark Web which is a very scary evil place.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Libertarianism and Psychopathy

Libertarianism and Psychopathy; The common denominator. 

In a capitalist society or system people are pressured to make money and consume everything there is to comform to society's standard of happiness and satisfaction. Where does Libertarianism fit in this instance? For example Libertarianism gives the illusion of self reliance and being non-interventionist; I;e small government, deregulation, demantling government and abolishing taxes, this may seem like a wonderful concept but in reality it's extremely dangerous. Libertarianism lacks empathy, compassion, morals, ethical values and reinforces greed. Libertarians believe that everything should be decriminalized, they believe the age of consent should be abolished, they believe there shouldn't be civil rights laws, they don't believe in protecting the environment, workers, children, people etc, it's very selfish, self-centered, arrogant, conceited and it's unsustainable. 

Criminals, Murderers, Pedophiles, Drug Cartels and people with mental Illness and personality disorders are attracted to Libertarianism because it exempts them from accountability and personal responsibility believing they are their own god whom they can make their own rules without any consequences for their actions prime examples are John McAfee, Jeffery Epstein, Donald Trump, Ghalisine Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein, Koch Brothers to name a few. 

As imperfect as government is you need some form of regulation and rules in order to prevent anarchy and crony capitalism like we have today in many parts of America and other parts of the world. Libertarianism shares similarities between Conservative and Liberal ideals except that Libertarians don't care about social issues and they believe in maximizing their profits by any means no matter how unethical or immoral it may be. Most Libertarians I've met in my lifetime seem to share many mental Illnesses, personality disorders, grandiosity complex, complete disregard for others and wanting to be their own god or having authoritarian leanings. That's why I tend to shun or not associate with Libertarians because many not all share many characteristics of psychopath/sociopaths.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Economic Migrants vs Refugees

 Economic Migrants vs Refugees

What's the difference? The difference is Economic Migrants emigrate to other countries primarily out of economic necessity and many face many barriers and in many cases can't move up the economic leader. 

Refugees are people that have been forced to leave their homes due to war or famine and get political asylum, but the main difference is Refugees are given many incentives, resources, free education, subsided housing and money to start over and they are put in front of the line so they have an advantage over Economic Migrants. 

Sadly Hispanics from Latin America fall under the category of economic migrants and they face more barriers to getting education, good jobs or housing while refugees like Palestinians for example they are given preference because they are fleeing war, oppression and political repression and as with any group of people that are refugees they will always have an advantage over economic migrants. That's why the American Dream only reaches some people but not others and only 1 in 10 get it meaning the other 9 don't attain it.